Moving in Texas

According to Tierra Grande, the journal of the Real Estate Center of Texas,at Texas A & M, Texas’ average geographical moving rate is higher than the US average.

Also, more people move to Texas from other states than leave Texas to live in other states.

Texas has higher rates of movers from abroad than does the US.

Mobility (or moving) in both Texas and the US fell in the Great Recession (after 2006) and have not returned to the pre -GR levels. 

The state with the most movers to Texas in 2015 (the most recent year for data) was California, with over 65,000 people. 

How does it benefit you to know this?  Well, if you are giving thought to selling your home, there are lots of buyers out there looking for homes to purchase, and many will pay more than the list price.

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Mickey & Sherri Patrick

Mickey & Sherri Patrick