True Value

Most homeowners have experienced tax increases on their homes the past couple of years, and we are not talking small percentages like 2% or 3%.  Some of us are very unhappy about the big jumps, but do you know the real market value of your home?  That is not what is shown on Zillow.  They haven’t seen your home. The appraisal from the tax district is usually less than you can sell your home for.  If you want to know the most likely price range you can sell your home for, contact a professional Realtor.  We will use recent neighborhood sales of homes of similar size, as well as consider the features and condition of your home to determine a fair market price. This is the most accurate way to find out what your home might sell for.  Prices have risen so quickly in the DFW area, tax appraisal districts could not keep up with it. That is the reason for many substantial increases the past couple of years.  If you choose to sell or buy a home, a Realtor can use accurate sales info for comparable homes to help you determine a list price or the amount of an offer you might make.  Call Team Patrick for professional real estate help.



Mickey & Sherri Patrick

Mickey & Sherri Patrick